Sunday, June 17, 2012

Faerie Footpaths

Here are a few photos from the Faerie Footpaths show now on at Arcadia Gallery.  There are fifty one paintings on display, starting at the gallery entrance with the signature piece, the Parasol Fairies that are featured on the flyer and advertising.
I chose a smaller fairy (with parasol) to use on the labels that identify the paintings,
sometimes with butterflies, as above, or with qotes from the Fairy Gazettes, like this one for a fairy caravan picture
Here is one of the groupings, paintings on a Fairy Wedding theme:

and here is another, of summer-time images.  I just recently rediscovered the "Wonders and Fairytales" banner that I painted a few years ago for a trade fair event.
  One of my favorite fairy paintings, the romantic Fairy Waltz.

From our Posy's Fairy Wardrobe collection, the Morning Glory Fairy paper doll, under glass but accessible for a quick wardrobe change:

 One of the visitors to the gallery this aternoon, very fairylike and silky:

July 24th, next weekend, is International Fairy Day.  You are most cordially invited to don your wings and join us at Arcadia Gallery for a celebration of all things Fairy.