Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fairy Purses

The fairy purses have been mentioned mentioned before, they are Avril's crochet creations that were inspired by an antique "miser's purse". This one was in my Christmas stocking just a couple of weeks ago. Not miserly at all, these are stylish joined pockets of ingenious design; the entire work is a single continuous chain of crochet from one pocket to the other. Hard-to-find silky thread of just the right weight is necessary for the pockets to hang nicely and to support the beaded fringe.

Each pocket is 2.5 inches wide. The multi-layered flowers are Avril's invention too, plus the slider ring to keep the cords from tangling.
Designed to hold a few coins, perhaps or a sovereign or two, they are small enough to hang stylishly from a belt or belt loop.

Coming soon to the Etsy shop are these, in silky aquamarine
and fairy green.
Little fairy purses are beguiling things to shape and consider.