Saturday, July 3, 2010

Midsummer Magic - Fairies at Sovereign House

The paintings are framed, labelled and hung on the welcoming gallery walls of Sovereign House. Just a few steps in from the door is a poster of a busy fairy scene, above the little half moon table with entry slips for the "How many fairies" contest.

Usually I hang book illustrations in narrative sequence, from the cover art and title page vignette through to the last page and end papers. This show is a little different, featuring selected art from all of the Illustrated Fairy Gazettes, including fairy advertisements, events, interviews and articles of interest on fairy life. I grouped the paintings to make a new narrative, beginning with the Fairy Wedding. Here is some of how it looked.

"Little Flower Creations" has an advertisement in each of the Fairy Gazettes and now we have examples of the fairy purses. Typical of Avril's fibre work, they are beautifully finished inside and out. No two are alike. They are crocheted with the finest silky cotton thread, embellished with tiny floral inventions and hung with a netting of beads.

Some of them have already gone home with young fairies who came to visit on the weekend.


  1. What a lovely exhibition - and aren't Avril's purses exquisite!

  2. Look how gorgeous! I particularly like the one with the hot air balloons, Frances. Are they little bears in there? I do wonder what songs little bears might sing as they toured the world in a balloon.

    Something about flying above the bees, perhaps.

    Thank you for sharing the photographs. As I often do when I look at your creations, I wonder if you ever get to dream about them, if the faeries visit you while you sleep :-) I hope they do.

  3. Your work is very reminiscent with Kate Greenaway and Walter Crane I think. Congratulations to the multi talented Avril! Any young lady ( and not so young lady!) would love one of those purses I am sure.

  4. We were at Sovereign House today, our girls loved your art work. When we got home we read Kates Castle, a book you Illustrated