Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Solstice and a Fairy Festival

"International Fairy Day is June 24. What is a fairy to wear?"

This weekend at the Guelph Fairy Festival a range of fairy-tale attire was to be seen,

on water sprites and wood nymphs,

on fairy godmothers and dragon tamers,

even knights of old and their attendants.

It was a perfect day for gathering in a green glade

and we managed to blend in and slip through the gates for a day of fun and inspiration.
Back on the home front I am preparing for the upcoming art show, putting new art into frames and making lists and labels. The latest edition of Faerie Magazine has arrived, another beautiful production from editor Kim Cross.

This issue includes a new article by Avril about the seeking and finding of fairy paths, in particular the legendary One Thousand Islands of the St. Lawrence River (with photos by Ian Coristine).

"Travelling through the region in 1848, years before development arrived, England's Rev. James Dixon described the islands as "...the most perfect fairy scene in the world." Situated in Ontario on a stretch of the St. Lawrence River, this piece of fairy land is only a few hours drive away and we are planning a trip there later this summer.

Further into Faerie Magazine is my latest "Posy's Fairy Wardrobe" spread, more fashions for summer days.

For now I am surrounded by frames and pictures, with my spiffy new framer's point-driver to facilitate the process. In 10 days it will all be hung and ready. "Children and fairies welcome, wings may be worn."


  1. What fun that fair must have been with all adorable little (and big, too) folks in costumes. It's clear that lots of imagination was in play. Great to have such good weather!

    The new magazine looks amazing, too.

    Happy Summer to you! xo

  2. Such beautiful work - I always love your palette. We are actually enjoying what we Brits like to call a heatwave, so for once our Midsummer was suitably balmy - looks like your weather also behaved nicely!

  3. I'm so jealous! That festival looks like it was excellent. So Thursday is international fairy day? I did not know that, but I'm glad I do now! And I'd never come across that magazine before either. It's beautiful, I must go check it out. Thanks for an entertaining and informative post!

  4. best wishes for your event, I am sure you will be Queen of all the fairies. Your delicate watercolour above is so pretty, it looks like an illustration from Walter Crane's Floras Feast, a festival of flowers, a great personal favourite.

  5. What fun photos. There's something very endearing about events that let people dress up in fanciful costume and mingle. We're often too darned serious, and engaging in some lighthearted fun does a soul good.

    By the way, elsewhere I read that tomorrow is your birthday as well as Canada Day. Have a lovely birthday, Frances. I highly recommend some cake consumption!