Monday, April 20, 2009

A Fairy Path

The deluge of new work is upon us and I have to separate myself from distractions for a time, like the little maid in this endpaper from my copy of Louisa May Alcott's An Old Fashioned Girl. But there is time for a walk first....
Despite the encroaching suburbs the woodlands are still to be found along the creeks and deep ravines. We went for a long walk in our nearby provincial park, where in a short while masses of trilliums and trout lilies will appear.

We started into the tall woods

following the edge of the ravine

then down the sloping trail
to the creek

for a stroll along the sunny banks

before starting home again,

to the fairies (in whose company time seems beckoningly elastic). As a child I bought every paper doll available in the local book stores. Now I design for Posy, her models and their wardrobes, for our Illustrated Fairy Gazettes.


  1. I love paper dolls! When we were small, I never wanted a Barbie. I wanted every paper doll I saw. We played hours with them and designed castles and houses for them. Yours are beautiful!

  2. I would love a dress just like that one myself.

  3. My little book arrived safe and sound, it is exquisite, thank you.

    Looking at your work below reminds me of Walter Crane's book "Floras Feast". Do yo know it?

  4. Ah, you have reminded me of the many hours I spent as a child playing with paper dolls, and then, creating my own versions. What magnificent wardrobes those dolls had!

    Your posts are a delight to visit.

  5. You have a creek - how delightfully American! That is a lovely set of endpapers, I am just rediscovering these hidden treasures and trawling my collection for goodies.