Monday, May 25, 2009

Fairy Gazettes

A flutter at the mail box, a knock at the door - a nice weighty box has been delivered, well sealed with packing tape and bearing the sticker "cleared by customs". The fairies have arrived at last.

Or rather, The Illustrated Fairy Gazettes, "By Fairies, for Fairies", a labour of love that began some time ago, now realized in these pretty volumes.

This is not their first incarnation. The true original fairy gazettes have a closely guarded history, and the small-format desk top gazettes that we stitched together with poetry and vision and rainbow thread were our best approximation of those delicate little editions and the glimpse of fairyland they offered.

In these new expanded books we have done our best to be faithful to the originals and the fairy virtues therein, and I have had the pleasure of indulging in my childhood past-time of paper dolls.

In an envelope nestled between the back cover and jacket flap is a "Posy's Fairy Wardrobe" doll, with outfits and accessories...
and busy as we are with the next volume in the series, I took time out for a little fashion parade...

Which would you prefer - morning glory blue or columbine's pink hues?


  1. Congratulations, your books are completely gorgeous! I am sure they will delight generations of fairy fans for years to come, they have all the makings of a children's classic collection.

  2. They are beautiful! How wonderful! How do you stop looking at them?

  3. Lovely books, and I could not choose between the two colors of wardrobing.

    It's grand to think that today's children will have the chance to continue wondering in a way that was granted to us, many years ago.

    It's late here, and I am rambling a bit, but surely did want to send along a big compliment to you. What talent, and grace, and imagination flavor your art.


  4. Thanks so much for the visit today and for your sweet comment that led me here. Such a lovely blog you have created and I see congratulations are in order for your wonderful books!! I know I shall return here, and you are welcome over at our place anytime.

  5. Oh, they are gorgeous! I think these will fly off the shelves (no pun intended), they are so perfect for little (and big) girls.

  6. How delicate and beautiful are your little books. I love the fact that paper doll fairies are tucked inside for hours of enjoyment by some enchanted person. I am so glad I came across your blog. :-)