Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mothers and Godmothers

Specially for Mother's Day, on the Etsy shop this week are some hand-bound issues of the "Mothers and Godmothers" edition of our original small Illustrated Fairy Gazettes. Stitched with rainbow thread, this little fairy-to-fairy magazine has 16 pages of articles and advertisements of interest to fairies everywhere. Each one comes in a fairy parchment envelope,

with the Fairy Gazette label as a finishing touch.

We have enjoyed putting together each and every page of these limited editions, small to be shared with small hands, and as perfect in detail as we can make them.

A recent search through long-stored boxes here turned up this 2" item from a Mother's Day some decades ago, my young attempt at perfection in small stitches. I have been enjoying Salley Mavor's beautifully stitched and whimsical illustrations which have brought back memories of my early instruction in embroidery, a lasting gift from mother to daughter.

Have I passed on the craft? Suffice to say that it is rumoured that a hand-wrought gift from welding class is in progress for me this Mother's Day, and I know it will be remarkable.


  1. Frances, You have presented me with so many lovely Mother's Day gifts over the years. I must find those that have survived for you to blog about next year.

  2. Your lovely hand made books are true treasures indeed!