Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Studio Cat

Fond of little cats though I am,
and appreciating our tabby's company, now that he must comply with our municipality's new cat bylaw (no more outdoor roaming or else risk a fine) his quest for new amusements poses a challenge.


  1. Looks as if your studio cat is just a bit too involved. Charming, of course, but...he better figure out how to keep his paws to himself.

    I've never had a kitten or cat, even as a child, so have absolutely no idea how to convince a tabby to do what that tabby might not wish to do.


  2. I spotted your surname on Salley's blog comments and just had to stop by and say hi to you...I am another Tyrrell! Hello from the UK...your artwork is stunning. Sending some spring sunshine from Surrey. I also have a wonderful cat, his name is Billy!
    Jane x

  3. No outdoor roaming bylaw? Heavens! Never heard of that before. I have a cat-free studio policy, which they all abide by, otherwise their hairs get into everything and they start thinking my precious books are scratching posts...

  4. Hello Gretel, I hope the cats are being very respectful of your beautiful new books!

  5. Hi Frances. What an adorable capture! Your little artist cat is surely entertained. My Miss Junie stays inside, too. She loves our moving boxes and all of the stacks of unshelved books.

    Thanks for the visit at Oasis Writing Link. I would love to have a walk with you down Condado Beach! Come over to Puerto Rico when you need some sun!

  6. Hi Frances!
    This draw is amazing! I have four cats and they do crazy things sometimes, as they are not allowed to go out anymore! But there are moments when i look at them and i think that they are elven cats and the only think is missing are the wings! Your are drawing very nice my dear! I loooove your fairies! Kisses to youuuuu!!! :)

  7. I admire cats but I sufferred from asthma as a child and cats made me wheeze, so I never had them as pets. I have shared a house with a friend who owned a cat and found that it had no sense of territory, charming but impossible to have around when painting!