Saturday, June 25, 2011


"Too busy to blog", terrible words! Between art classes to teach, new designs and art to prepare and an art show to hang, I had to let some things slide. The dog walks were shorter, good books were unopened and the garden went unweeded (which allowed the wild daisies and loosestrife to wander in).My annual "Midsummer Magic" art show at Sovereign House was visited by a host of fairies with every style of wings,
and even swordsThis quiet spot by the lake has a magic all its own, a perfect place for fairies and reveries.
The show is over now and so is the rush. I have an unaccustomed breathing space, time to think and to paint some random fancies before starting on new work. The fairy bridesmaids at the top of this post are about to make their debut in the new issue of our "Illustrated Fairy Gazette", which is coming soon.

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  1. Good to see you back Frances, your latest fairy painting is so lovely...enjoy the rest of the summer.
    Jane x