Friday, November 30, 2012

Advent Begins - and a giveaway!

Day 1 of Advent
I would like to share a bit of Advent cheer, the simple fun of opening a numbered window every day, the hidden treasure revealed.  Look here every day for the next 24 and see what new picture-bauble has been added.  Leave a comment - even just a smile - and you could win this pretty item! 
( Leave a comment every day and I will send you one of my Christmas cards, just to be jolly!)

I designed the little reindeer above for a Canadian giftware company in 2006, this is one of the product samples.   It is 9cm tall from tip-toe to antler curl, and hangs very prettily on the Christmas tree.
Happy Advent to all.  


  1. Great event, thanks Frances to share.

  2. Happy Advent to you too. I love that little fellow.

  3. Advent is such a wonderful season...with all the anticipation and preparation for that unique December day to come.

    Thank you so much, Frances, for sharing this time of year with us via your very fine artistry!