Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fairies' May Day

from "The Illustrated Fairy Gazette" Spring edition
Here are some fairy garlands for the month of May. The May Pole Dance is from the Spring edition of the Fairy Gazettes, where it is accompanied by an article on the etiquette of folded wings. Should it be "Wings Up" or "Wings Down"? Just ask Fairy Faux Pas!
Spring Garland, © Frances Tyrrell 2016
Above, a fairy garland woven from the spring flowers that have naturalized in my garden - forget-me-nots, lily of the valley, and primroses.  The flowers of the poem won't show up here until June.
Snowdrops, © Frances Tyrrell 2016
The snowdrops are gone by now. The scillas still abound in wide blue drifts.  And here come the trillums, crimson and white.

 "A blessed and enchanted Spring to fairies everywhere"


  1. Frances, you paintings are absolutely exquisite, with your special way of keeping a very light feeling while also being attentive to detailed observation. Wow!

    Thank you also for the final photo...on my recent walk past the local Saturday farmers market stand, I saw some trillum plants and had no idea what I was seeing. Aren't the tiny bi-colored pinwheels lovely?


    1. Thank you Frances, isn't it great to have Spring flowers and weather to match at last! The trilliums are the official flower of Ontario and it is illegal to pick them in the woods - which I did not know when as a child I happily brought home a glorious armful of them.