Monday, November 28, 2016


Ohm, Fairy Advisor and Printer of the Fairy Gazettes
A recent communication from The Illustrated Fairy Gazette:

"We miss Ohm. Our printer, technical advisor, Dearly Beloved and everlasting friend, has left on the Great Journey that even fairies must take and for now we are parted. 

Ohm, in the mortal world, is the unit by which electrical resistance is measured. One "ohm" (Ohm is very good at explaining this) is equal to the current of one ampere which will flow when a voltage of one volt is applied. "Turn up the voltage and get more ohms".  But for us there is only one Ohm, shining bright and constant. Every flicker of light reminds us that we will meet again."

Eritha and Ohm, The Illustrated Fairy Gazette