Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring has sprung (and so has the roof)

Snow drops have bloomed at last and the green spears of scillas and lillies are coming up all over the garden. I took an hour away from sorting papers this evening and raked the garden, well into the twilight, and found early periwinkle blossoms looking like pale stars against the tangled ground cover. Drenching rains a few days ago have revealed a leak in the roof and I could use the services of Wren's Nest Roofing and Thatching (from the fairy realms).

Frances in New York has tagged me to reveal what is in my handbag. Even I wasn't sure what lurked at the bottom of the Big Aubergine.

Zippered side pockets first:
Pocket #1, A little round tin of Rendez Vous Lemon drops, a lipstick, a car wash receipt, and a slip of paper with email addresses (to send art students photos of our still life of the day), and a receipt from the video store (rented Jane Campion's "Bright Star", which was beautiful).
Pocket #2, a scrap of paper with a phone number written as small as the Tailor of Gloucester's "no more twist", a fine liner pen, a notebook and a sample menu from a local restaurant where I recently lunched with author friend Alison Baird.
Pocket #3, spare glasses, cough drops, a pocket-package of kleenex tissues, another fine liner pen (so that's where they have been going), and a church bulletin with "Mothering Sunday" and "Simnel Cake" underscored in fine liner ink.
Pocket #4, keys and cell phone.
Now diving into the main holding area: Wallet, cheque book, address book, 2010 pocket diary, a spiral notebook, an envelope with a nice supply of my printed bookmarks that double as business cards, yet another fine liner pen, a hairbrush, another lipstick, a bill, a hair grip, a 5 page print-out of "Sanctuary Servers Duties" and some post-it notes with relevant scribblings (eg, "candles out at lst verse Recessional", I haven't been a server long enough to have it down pat yet) and, last but not least, a white Crayola crayon that I had been looking for in my art-class bag. Wax crayon is an effective resist for textured whites in watercolour and I will use it in an upcoming class.
And that is everything.
Looking at an article on AccessoryWeb I read that the above is fairly typical, representative of a normal woman, and has at least a couple of points in common with Eleanor Roosevelt!

I have enjoyed this first year of blogging and the friends it has brought, highly creative individuals of generous spirit. I wonder if some of them would like to share the handbag reveal?
Middle of Nowhere
Oasis Writing Link

Well over a whole month ago (sorry for the delay)Land of Shimp was kind enough to tag me for a Kreatif Blog Award, a very nice surprise and one which I will properly acknowledge in the next post.


  1. Hi Frances, I have to confess I was more interested in trying to see what was on your bookcase...I"m not going to be any good for this I'm afraid, as I don't have a handbag (obviously not a *normal* woman!) or anything like it, just a rucksack for when I go walking, which is empty when not in use. But thank you for thinking of me and sharing your interesting contents!

  2. Hello, and thank you for revealing your aubergine contents. I'm glad that you have found those fine liner pens! All the contents seem to point to the variety of your interests.

    I am so sorry to hear about the roof. This past month's snow and rain has probably revealed roofing repair needs in many homes. Hoping that there are lots of skilled roofers around to help, and that the weather won't be too soggy for a while.

    Best wishes! xo

  3. Well now, I am sure the contents of the bag I call "handbag" will be of no interest to anybody but I will play along soon so thanks for thinking of me.

    I love the idea of having a bookmark as a giveaway business card, that is such a good idea I might have to steal it! Yours are lovely and are bound to be kept and used in a way business cards are not.

    I do hope that Jenny wren helps to mend your leaking roof. I read somewhere that house leeks can do the trick also.

  4. Oh look, look, look! You've got a friendly, cheerful looking sort of handbag/purse/satchel/possible raingear in event of a weather emergency!

    How fitting. The colorful nature of the bag strikes me as being just perfect.

    Heaven knows what is in any of my purses. Amelia Earhart for all I know. I'm terribly about cleaning it out, and tend to start heaving things out without much consideration when it becomes disturbingly heavy.

    I've likely pitched the meaning of Life or something equally handy.

    I'm sharing the Spring of others, at the moment. I live in Colorado, which is essentially a high desert. Our spring has less ...growth, really...and more "Oh look, a freakish blizzard! Wheee!" that then melts in a day. We haven't quite settled into the growing season here, basically.

    So I'm greatly appreciating all the reports of Spring that I keep seeing. It's vicarious appreciation of Spring, but it's still fun.

  5. We've been out raking the garden as well. It sure feels good to be out and the earth smells so fine when your raking it. Especially when there's a bit of a drizzle like there is today.

    Sorry I can't join the purse thing (well, okay I'm not sorry but it seems the right thing to say); but I could empty out my pockets if you'd like? lol