Friday, April 23, 2010

England, Harry and St. George!

I have no knight for this St. George's day, but a very gentle pet dragon from the Peaceful Fairy Realms!

This year is the 175th anniversary of the St. George's Society of Toronto, the oldest charity in the city. To quote from their website:
"On April 23, 1834, a group of citizens celebrated St. George's Day over dinner at the British Coffee House at King and York streets and changed the future of the city.

They formed The St. George's Society of Toronto, named after the patron saint of England, which grew to provide crucial social services and a lively social life.

While originally founded to help immigrants of English and Welsh origin, the Society assisted anyone who qualified for assistance. It was famous right through the early 1900s for providing food, money and medical services to the city's poor and less fortunate."

The good works of the Society continue to this day, "bringing together men and women of all cultures with an interest in things British for good fun, good fellowship and good works – a tradition that has helped Toronto become the enviable place it is."

Happy St. George's Day to all.


  1. What a very sweet picture! A bit different from the rather more bloodthirsty dragons on display today. :)

  2. What a charming little dragon! Who could ever think of slaying such a sweet little beast? You should be a dragon ambassador, Frances. Rehabilitate their image!

    Happy St. George's day to you! I'm of Scottish descent, but when it comes to good works, it's easy to honor the tradition of helping others.

    You've inspired me to go and look up St. George's history. Sometimes doing that with saints can be a bit of a hair-raising experience, but always interesting to know.

  3. Happy Saint George;s Day to you too!

    (You may want to delete the porn link above which has been an unwelcome guest on my blog too!)

    Have a great weekend x

  4. Thank you very much Valerie, I hadn't realized that was the nature of my guest. I have just gone through previous posts and swept all traces away.

  5. I love your little dragon. S/he is a real cutey (sorry I'm not very adept at telling the difference between male and female dragons. I hope they don't have the same difficulty)

    And a Happy St. George Day to you as well.