Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gardens and Gardeners

Well fortified with Easter chocolate, I am tilling the soil and uprooting weeds this beautiful Easter weekend. There are beds to be raked, perennials to be divided and moved, planter pots to be emptied and refreshed, and seeds to be planted all over the garden. The gardening year has begun.

Who are Hedge & Hogg? "Specialists in the maintenance of Fairy Gardens" proclaims their advertisement in the Illustrated Fairy Gazette,
"Complete garden care. No job too small.
Lawns rolled, bulbs lifted, borders planted.
Molehills our speciality."

The Etsy shop is reopening for spring with Hedge & Hogg cards from the fairy realms,

and new fairy cards, all from the Fairy Gazettes.

Would that Hedge & Hogg were my gardeners. I would don a flowered shady hat and stroll the garden, nodding approvingly at their lively and expert ministrations to the lawn and flower beds.

"'Springs unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil"

Reginald Herber, 1783 -1826


  1. I am so liking the looks and promises of Hedge and Hogg, that I truly do wish that I had a garden.

    Wonderful pictures! Another bravo to you. xo

  2. Oh my, would that I could grow faeries!! Wouldn't that be marvelous? Little winged creatures, sprouting up through the land. Our industrious little gardeners of faeries, hard at work :-)

    They are utterly charming! I was sitting here thinking that as cute as Hedge and Hogg are, I think hedgehogs are one of the few creatures that look even cuter in real life. That and Pandas. The cuteness of Pandas is another difficult thing to capture.

    Those two seem to be brimming with personality, too.

    Happy Spring, Frances :-)

  3. Oh good heavens, and I've just noticed the signature on the card. Ah well, as per usual, I'm a little slow on the uptake and didn't realize they were your work.

    They're lovely, and they look like winning little scamps.

  4. I think Hedge and Hogg ARE our gardeners, or were for much of last year.

    I can definitely vouch for the industriousness of their work and for the generous hours they put in.

    And their cuteness.

  5. I am so pleased that you have re-opened your Etsy shop. I think that is where I first saw your little books. I am sure you will have lots of new admirers soon.