Friday, October 22, 2010

Rubber Stamps and Morning Glory Fairies

In the rediscovered box of rubber stamps are several of my images that were reproduced by Graphistamp some years ago. Here is one of them, the Morning Glory Fairies, a 3" by 3" wood mounted rubber stamp. I haven't played with these in a long time.

Tools assembled: the stamp, an ink pad and a brayer
for even application of ink.
The first impression, stamp to paper,
followed by more prints, more fairies.
Scissors and coloured pencils: working with two prints of the same
image I cut the central part out of the first to make a window and
slipped the second print of the image underneath, for depth.
I started colouring with my finest pencils, gently applying the colour in layers for glowing tones.

The first results, fairies seen through a ring of flowers.

In the next version I reversed the assembly, with the fairies
standing out against a backdrop of clouds and flowers.

As a final touch I carefully inked just the corner of the stamp
and made a floral corner decoration for the envelopes, also coloured in.

These cards and envelopes will shortly be up on the Etsy shop, along with stamp itself.

Stamping is a beguiling activity and strolling around the Creativ Festival yesterday we saw the latest innovations in stamping techniques and embellishments. There are more stamps in the box to be rediscovered and some nice new tools to try out.


  1. Oh Frances, is it possible that I forgot to make some click to leave my comment this morning.

    I was writing to tell you how much I admired your use of the beautiful rubber stamp, and that I so wished to be able to stay home from work today to try some experiments of my own. Your way of doing the cut outs, and borders, and perfect pencil colorings really inspired me.

    Back from work now, and too tired to try any experiments. I will hold this inspiration for my next free moments. (Thank you also for your comment.) xo

  2. Wonderful. they would make great Christmas presents too! I like the way you have made the border especially.

  3. Oh of course! You color in the stamp after printing it out! That makes perfect sense, which is probably why it failed to occur to me in the past :-)

    Frances, looking at the date on this I hope all is well with you and you are simply busy. I looked at purple purses yesterday and thought of you.

  4. Thank you Alane, and not to worry. Root Canal pretty much sums up the past weeks of inconvenience, plus a computer virus.
    But I'm back at the computer now, with pictures and stories to tell.

  5. Hi Frances,
    I just love your stamp card making project. The cards are so uniquely personalized, and I appreciate your sharing of your creative techniques and thought process. I wish you lived closer so that I could take classes from you.
    I hope you are well Root canals are difficult.
    Have a beautiful holiday season!