Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trumpets from the Steep

I love the intense, glorious, fleeting blue of morning glories. From pale green spears they lengthen to creamy white spiral buds striped with blush pink, then the blossoms unfurl rich blue pleats that are heavy with inky colour.

Fully open, the trumpets
seem to shimmer with a dazzling haze of blue, reflecting the sky for one glorious day.

By late afternoon
the colour shifts, the blue
gives way to lilac....

and lilac gives
way to intense and deepening
pink, the blossoms infolding to buds
like furled parasols.

For the brilliant blue trumpets I must buy annual seeds, but the wild bindweeds (weeds indeed, yet welcome) come back readily and are equally fascinating to watch as the colour changes through the day, a glimpse of magic in the garden.


  1. You have captured the brilliant morning glory blue in your painting, such a difficult blue to paint!

    I love bindweed too, ours is white only, it always reminds me of Art Nouveau with its swirling shapes and linear tendrils.

  2. Frances, how wonderful, as Valerie says you captured they perfectly. I love do these flowers, they are almost magical. I love your delicate work.

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