Saturday, September 24, 2011

Monarch Butterflies

To quote Avril on the subject of Fairy, "It is difficult to invent anything for Fairy that does not already occur in nature". The description of Dr. Flora Fauna's bubblemobile travels (with fairy dog) alongside the famous migrating butterflies appears in the Winter edition of The Illustrated Fairy Gazette. This morning I stepped out into a flurry of Monarch butterflies on the move.
They dallied with my Morning Glories before disappearing over the fence.
In twos and threes, one cluster after another, they hovered over green lawns and wayside flowers
pausing for only brief refreshmentbefore moving on, along the lakefront and across the creek
east to west, on their long migratory path. They will soon reach Point Pelee where they gather in hundreds and thousands to feed on the milkweed plants before their astonishing long flight to the mountains of central Mexico, where they overwinter.
It is the first time I have seen them in such numbers locally and it was a fitting end to a beautiful, if all too short, summer.


  1. How beautiful! I've only ever seen this on nature programmes, amazing to think of them migrating in flocks, like swallows.

  2. I love the look of Dr Fauna's bubblemobile, and how she and her pup have adopted perfect autumn colors for their seasonal travels.

    Lucky you to glimpse the monarch flocks. I do remember seeing smaller groups of them fluttering around Central Park...gosh, it must have been last year. How is it possible that an entire year has passed so quickly? Maybe I am in my own bubblemobile! xo

  3. How lovely to see these Frances. Your illustration of them is awesome. It's also a case of "snap" as we both have butterfly themed posts at the moment on must be due to us sharing surnames?!!
    Happy Sunday,
    Jane x

  4. How beautiful are Monarch Butterflies and Morning Glories!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Your illustration is wonderful!!!
    Autumn Blessings to you!! :o)

  5. It is always a treat to see your exquisite artwork, this one in perfect seasonal colours.

    I have never seen a Monarch Butterfly except on TV, I never imagined them to live near you but as you say they migrate. It is amazing to think that those seemingly fragile wings would last such a journey.

  6. Hi Gretel, I too had only seen this on nature programmes before, it was an epiphany to have them fluttering by and around me. The wonder of it is that the migrating ones are the fourth new generation of the year, they have nothing but each other and instinct to make the journey. Perhaps there's a life lesson in it for the rest of us.