Monday, December 7, 2015

Eighth Day of Advent

Spirits in the sky, The Huron Carol
The Northern Lights, the heavenly dancers.  I remember my mother waking me up one night to walk under the  blue-green lights flickering across the sky. In later years I slept under the  Northern Lights on canoe trips.  They had to have a place in the book.
There is no reference for them in the English verses by J. Edgar Middleton but there is this in Brebeuf's original verses in Huron:
The okie spirits who live in the sky are coming with a message, 
They're coming to say, "Rejoice!
Mary has given birth. Rejoice!
Jesus he is born."


  1. Brebeuf's verses have a beautiful message, as do your paintings. Lucky you to have seen the northern lights.


  2. Thank you Frances. How I would like to see them again!