Friday, December 18, 2015

Nineteenth Day of Advent

Father Jean de Brebeuf, The Huron Carol
Author of the Huron Carol, Father Jean de Brebeuf, 1593-1649
"An apostle, a brave adventurer, a skilled writer, a careful ethnologist, a man of vision"
With his seven companions, Patron Saint of Canada


  1. Dear Frances, my Christmas preparations kept me from leaving comments before now on your most recent Huron Carol posts. However, I assure you that seeing them each day has added greatly to my appreciation of Advent. I particularly liked your post about the art history progression of painting the Madonna and angels.


    1. Thank you Frances. Christmas is nearly here and I am scarcely ready for the day, but the Advent days leading up are Christmas time too. When I made my first trip to NY (1976), with fellow teenage art students, we visited The Cloisters. I was stuck by one of the sculptures of a reclining Madonna - she had all the traditional characteristics of a Medieval Madonna but also the artist had rendered her as a believably tired Mum. I would love to visit again. I hope your Christmas is unhurried, merry and bright!