Saturday, December 12, 2015

Thirteenth day of Advent

The Chiefs from Far, The Huron Carol
Day by day the Wise Men get closer, on their long journey from their homelands as they follow the signs in the sky.
Brebeuf's Huron verses read,
"Three men of great authority have left for the place of his birth
Tiscient, the star appearing over the horizon leads them there
The star will walk first on the path to guide them 
Jesus, he is born.


  1. Dear Frances, as we begin to arrive more deeply into Advent, and my own daily pace seems to quicken, it is a true joy to visit your Advent posts. I love a relaxed moment of contemplation of this season. xo

    1. Thank you Frances. Advent almost disappears in the rush of things to get done before Christmas day, I find. The daily post creates a moment of contemplation for me too.