Friday, December 7, 2012

Eighth Day of Advent - Fun and Games

Day 8 of Advent
(Mother Ginger and Cubs, from Woodland Nutcracker)
"A huge grizzly bear skated to the foot of the thrones and curtsied.  She blew six times upon a whistle and from beneath her great red and white skirt emerged six cubs with hockey sticks. With Mother Grizzly as referee, the cubs skated a mock practice session.   They chased one another, misbehaved, and two were even sent to the penalty box.""
(© Avril Tyrrell 1999)

(This one was a coin toss: Tchaikovsky or the Hockey Night in Canada theme music,  both being well-loved and traditional! )


  1. Mother Ginger and her cubs bring beauty and wit to this eighth day of Advent! Your comment about that musical choice made me laugh out loud.

    I am really enjoying seeing this series of posts. xo

    1. Thank you Frances - I actually looked for an Advent-friendly video of the Hockey Night theme, but the genres don't seem to cross-over!