Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ninth Day of Advent - A fairy for the top of the tree

Day 9 of Advent
(paper novelty from The Illustrated Fairy Gazette, A Christmas Celebration)
 Here's a little fairy for the top of the tree,
and here is how that tree is getting on,

with joyful traditions, trifling indulgences, happy anticipations, music and merriment, hearth and home, sparkle and fairy dust - and all of it on Santa's shoulders.  No wonder he needs helpers.
(And not to forget, the giveaway)


  1. I do like the idea of Santa having all those helpers...lots more than the elves and reindeer we are usually reminded of.

    Your tree topper image took me a bit down childhood memory lane to the beautiful little fairy that always had a place of honor, just below the star at the top of our trees.

    The delicate little fairy was mostly made from yarn (her skirt was a woolly spray of pom pom, her face was delicately embroidered. She had gilded paper wings. She was given to us by my beloved Great Auntie Mae, who also taught me to knit. So, so many emotional connections there.

    Thank you for summoning up a collection of Christmas tree memories. xo

    1. She sounds beautiful - do you still have the fairy?

  2. That little fairy is still kept with the collection of Christmas tree decorations at my mother's house. Perhaps one day I will have it in my little apartment.