Sunday, December 2, 2012

Third Day of Advent - "Sing and be merry"

Day 3 of Advent
From our Illustrated Fairy Gazettes, here is a detail from the scene "The Sleepyhead Feast".   Avril wrote that  "...the fairies prepare a feast and party just before the first frost"  for the creatures who migrate or hibernate for the winter.
 "After the feasting and gift-giving at the Sleepyhead Feast, the animals and birds entertain their hosts with music...always the old carols sung over generations.  The sweet notes of the birds harmonise with the piping descant of the mice, the deep voices of the frogs and the little reed flutes played by the hedgehogs."
© Avril Tyrrell 2007)


  1. What a great team you two make, your paintings and Avril's words always weave magic. Years ago, when I worked in children's books I used to dream of the possibility of an editor handing me a text like that and asking me to illustrate it.

  2. What a treat to be able to be able to learn about that special Sleepyhead Feast! Your charming little songbird looks so festive, and I can imagine his lovely singing voice, too.