Friday, December 21, 2012

Twenty-second Day of Advent - Anticipation

Day 22 of Advent
 (Teddy and Dolly Darlings, Grandmother's Tree)
These very dolls are on my tree, three of Hasbro's "Dolly Darlings" that were manufactured from 1965-68.  Every little girl in the neighbourhood seemed to have at least one.  We sometimes took them along to school, safely tucked in a coat pocket.  As in Grandmother's Tree, they have been roused from their year-long slumber to take their place with the other ornaments.

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  1. This close up view of a beautiful tree, with the exception of the timeless charm of Teddy, represents dolls I was (and am) too old to know. During their era, I was studying hard in college, and plotting my long sought relocation to New York.

    My childhood favorite Madame Alexander dolls were all Christmas gifts from my lovely great auntie Mae. So, you see Frances, you've brought me back to a lovely childhood memory with this painting.