Monday, December 3, 2012

Fourth Day of Advent - Unto us a child is born

Day 4 of Advent
A certain Royal announcement changed my plans for today's Advent window!   Here is a little something to celebrate all  babies and parents-in-waiting - my Stork ornaments from the "Baby's First Christmas" collection that I designed for Silver Tree last year.  The product samples are very pretty. I like the finishing touches of opalescence and sparkle on the wings. 

There is still time for the office elves here to mail out Fairy Gazettes before Christmas.  All five of the original   size, miniature, fairy-to-fairy editions, hand-stitched with rainbow thread, are up on my Etsy shop.  


  1. I purchased one off your shop the other day. I can't wait to read the tiny thing!

  2. Dear Jeri,
    The office elves report that it is in the mail!

  3. Frances, how I am enjoying seeing all these examples of your talent!