Sunday, December 16, 2012

Seventeenth Day of Advent - Worlds within Worlds

Day 17 of Advent
(Mother Bear's plates,  rondels from Woodland Nutcracker)
Stories within  stories - illustrators create a whole world for the characters they portray.  In the background of any scene are photos on the wall, views through the window, books on a shelf.  We can't help it, it goes with the territory.   The Bear family of the Woodland books have a cottage, which would naturally have Mother Bear's pretty things in it, hence these two Watteau-inspired plate-rondels with summer scenes of carefree bears revelling in nature's gentler mood.


  1. Frances, your carefree bears are completely charming as that glide through the air observing birds and butterflies. I clicked on the picture in order to have a close up view of all the delightful details.


  2. Ooops, meant "as they glide..." and think my typing did a bit too much gliding!

    1. Fairies in the keyboard, no doubt.
      (Elves would like to mail something to you - address?)