Thursday, December 6, 2012

Seventh Day of Advent - Visiting

Day 7 of Advent
(The Bears Cottage, Woodland Nutcracker)
"Long ago, far away from highways and city lights, where bright stars touched the tree tops and forest roots touched the edges of frozen lakes, a woodland family welcomed relatives and friends to a Christmas Eve party in their cosy island home.
 Softly falling snowflakes drifted into the cottage as the guests arrived."
(© Avril Tyrrell 1999)


  1. It's so jolly to see all those woodland friends all dressed up for the festivities! Your painting's open spaces serve so well to establish the woodland's vast beauty, contrasting with the business of the visitor's arrival at the cottage.

    Beautifully conceived and always. xo

  2. Frances, You do have a way with snow, I have painted very little snow, but must do so in an upcoming illustration. Maybe I should take lessons from you! The cardinal a few posts below is simply breathtaking, your work is really so stunning. I am looking forward to my little Fairy Gazette!